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Striking examples of mixing traditional Arabic folk and contemporary music as part of a new cultural trend, a bold, alarming and escalating.

Strictly speaking, Arabic futurism or futurism gulf (meaning the Persian Gulf) is a movement in modern art, architecture and even literature in the Arab region, tied to the optimism of the successful growth of capitalism in recent years in the United Arab Emirates and some countries of North Africa, trying to link the special cultural heritage of peoples of Islam and the present and future prospects of scientific progress and corporate economy. Just look at how being built in Abu Dhabi, you will catch the essence of this style. This futurism in General can be compared with the European futurism of the first half of the twentieth century, when faith in progress was sometimes almost limitless.

But there is another Arab futurism, based rather on desperation than on the success of the distribution of oil wealth. In General, it seems that the Arab countries in the early XXI century, as Russia at the time, a new frightening and intriguing Europe region, where, as it turned out, live the same people. The Parallels of the “Arab spring” and the fall of authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe in the late 80’s-early 90-ies suggest themselves.

This is a new, different arbitors close, rather Afrofuturism, cultural movement of Afro-descendants who are researching their roots and integrating his legacy into the present and future, fought against national prejudice and Eurocentrism here and now. In music, the brightest example is the jazz musician Sun Ra, sometimes the movement will take even Jimi Hendrix, who so gracefully combined deep layers of folk, old Blues and voodoo, and state of the art sound and a love of science fiction.

In the era after September 11 and other acts of terror, disguised Islam, it is easy to shock even a simple Arabic script. Does this new arbitors — struggling with Islamophobia, ethnic prejudices and allows their culture, along with the rest (by the way, it’s funny to hear the scornful remarks of Arab heritage from the people using modern numerals, algebra and geometry). And in the culture means simple to demonstrate it. But if folk elements coming through modern music, then why not. Below I have selected a few striking examples of Arab futurism in modern music.

M. I. A.

Technically inaccurate example: singer — Tamika, lives in Britain and belongs to Hindu religions, but his work constantly employs elements of Arabic culture mixed with trendy topical techniques, lifting of Islamophobia for the company with all intolerant of other cultures. In the first video, filmed by a provocateur Novel Gavrisom, you can see the middle East R’n’b chic and middle Eastern boys on the Mersey.

Second video clip dance love ballad uses graphic elements of Arab culture, standing side by side with deliberately tasteless Internet vignettes. Of course, all this has little to do with authentic middle Eastern music and culture in General, but as a provocation and an act of contemporary art — pretty bad.

Débruit and Alsara

The debut of the French electronics and Sudanese, living in the USA — history in the spirit of the time. Below the song in their native language, delicately performed under moderately fashionable bits and synthesizer.

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Omar Suleiman

Held at the home of the musician in connection with the sad events in Syria and becomes a refugee in company with his keyboardist virtuoso is gaining popularity in the world. The new album is unobtrusive and neatly produced English electronics of Four Tet. From a combination of wild Eastern tonality of the passages minimalistic bit just blows the roof.

Kamiliya Jubran and Tom Morello

New song protest the active current rocker-rebel Tom Morello and Puerto Rican rapper Calle 13, posted this week and has already gained over a million hits, suddenly embellished by the chorus of Palestinian-Israeli singer Kamilia Jubran. Rap in Spanish, signature riffs and solo Morello and Arabic singing together produce impression.

In this article not included the Oriental movement in a dubstep song, and elements of North African music to French hip-hop or Oriental metal scene. But this is for the guys in the thread.