Can you store books in a garage?

Can you store books in a garage?

Yes, it is OK to store books in a garage. Garages might seem a suitable place to store books, especially if space isn’t being used. In some ways, they are. Before placing all your much-loved books in the garage, take a few precautions to keep them in reasonably good condition.

How much is a 100 year old Bible worth?

Value: The value of an old leather Bible in very good condition with no family records or other factors that would increase its value might be worth about $10 to $20 dollars. If the Bible contains family records, or other important factors it could be worth from $20 up to a large amount.

What is the most expensive Bible in the world?

Gutenberg Bible

How much is the first Bible worth?

The last sale of a complete Gutenberg Bible took place in 1978, when a copy went for a cool $2.2 million. A lone volume later sold for $5.4 million in 1987, and experts now estimate a complete copy could fetch upwards of $35 million at auction.

Which is the most expensive book ever sold at auction?

Codex of Leicester

Are first edition books worth anything?

First editions are sought-after by book collectors and a first edition is usually more valuable than a later printing. A first edition signed by the author will have even greater value.

Are John Grisham books worth anything?

Rare book collectors, take note. A first-edition copy of best-selling author John Grisham’s first book is worth more than $4,000 in very good condition, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one.

What kind of books are John Grisham?

John Grisham is a master of legal thrillers. His novels have captured the attention of millions of readers, from adults to teens. Over three decades, he has written nearly one book per year, and a number of those have been adapted into popular movies.

What Harry Potter book is worth money?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Are Ted Smart Harry Potter books worth anything?

Publisher: Ted Smart. Not that valuable at all: Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows. These were printed in massive numbers, so aren’t worth too much unless you have a signed copy or a deluxe edition.