Famous People from History Who Found Their Love Later in Life

A surprising number of men and women of history did not enjoy the limelight until the second half of their lives. So many of them lost ways early but bounced back eventually after disastrous failures and misspent youth. But, others were not that “lucky” to have found their true purpose early in their lives. Interestingly, there are examples where those notables found their “calling” pretty early but never had the courage to follow their hearts. On the same lines, you can find a long list of famous people from history who kept striving for true love and did not find it until later in life. Some got married early, but those relationships did not last until cupid’s arrow hit them in their old age.

Thankfully, things are not that difficult for people looking for romantic partners in today’s world. It is easier than ever for singles to find partners for serious or casual relationships. And if you think you are already over 40 and alone, you can still come online and join a resourceful mature singles dating site. All you have to do is sign up and try filters to find relevant matches. Initiate a conversation using various modes of communication, and you may end up winning the heart of a gorgeous mature woman or a handsome man online. It suggests that it is never too late to find love in life, and reading more about the lives of some historical figures would confirm that for you.

  • Pablo Picasso

The legendary painter Pablo Picasso has a rather controversial love life. Known as one of the best painters, he was also an outstanding printmaker, sculptor, and theater designer. He had two wives over the course of his life, and though his first marriage was at the age of 37, after his first tumultuous marriage, he remarried when he was 79, and this time he found love in the arms of a 35-year old mistress Jacqueline Roque. He remained married until his death. She served as the inspiration for many of his exceptionally prolific body of work. Quite interestingly, Picasso has a rough start with his love for women starting early. In fact, he began visiting brothels when he was only 13. And he was considered a real heartbreaker, as one of his wives, a mistress, and a grandson committed suicide because of Picasso’s love (or lack thereof).

  • Sir Walter Raleigh

In an era when most people would marry early, Sir Walter Raleigh waited until he turned 39. The English soldier, political leader, writer, spy, poet, and explorer tied the knot with Elizabeth Raleigh and stayed with her until death. Quite interestingly, he was a court favorite but still spent a large portion of his life locked up in the Tower of London. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I but was put to death for treason by Elizabeth’s successor, James I.

  • Joseph Stalin

A Soviet political leader and dictator, Joseph Stalin, had a rather busy love life. Like other notaries from that era, he married early when he was just 28, but the relationship lasted only a year. He did not marry again until he was 41 and found love in 18-year old Nadezhda Alliluyeva.

Modern Day Celebrities Who Found Love Late

Like those famous people from history, you can easily find many similar examples set by our beloved celebrities. For instance:

  • Dwayne Johnson: Who does not know him today? But, he got married when he was 47. Though she knew Lauren Hashian for the longest time, it took him 12 long years to pop the question.
  • George Clooney: The notorious bachelor got married when he was 52. He did not take long to propose soon after meeting the gorgeous Amal Alamuddin. They tied the knot in2014.
  • Cameron Diaz: She was 42 when you fell in love with Benji Madden and married in the same year. It shows that you will quickly know when you meet someone who is perfect for you.
  • Bruce Willis: It happened quite quickly for Bruce and Emma Hemming, and they are very happy now, despite the fact that Willis was 54 at the time of marriage.

It all boils down to the fact that those who think passion is only a young man’s game need to think again. Love and passion can strike you at any time, and many historical figures, as well as modern-day personalities, have shown it through their experience. That means you should not lose hope if you are single and mature because many dating sites are now available as a platform to meet the opposite sex in the same age group or flirt with those younger but still looking to hook up. Just pick the best dating site, and your life will get exciting, no matter how old you are.