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The return of militant rockers, new release from the main rapper of the planet and other good music we will hear in the coming year.

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Sleater-Kinney – “No Cities To Love”

A trio of beautiful rockers-feminist stopped in the middle of zero, directly after the release of diverse, powerful, loud and melodic album “Woods”. Of the participants are more or less in mind was Kerry Braunstein – she played good in the TV series “Portlandia”. But they’re back together and already made for all of us a new batch of fiery songs.

A Place To Bury Strangers – “Transfixation”

They are called “the loudest band in new York” and it is not an allegory: these guys made their careers in the deafening noise of electric guitars. From the new album worth the wait, probably the same as always: desperate post-punk, where the wild rattle of the curtain the real heart beat sound very personal and heartbreaking songs.

Faith No More

Cult rockers silent for 17 years. Meanwhile, their lead singer Mike Patton were not silent a single second: it was recorded under a thousand different titles, was playing the most incredible music, from the avant-garde metal and to the Italian hits of the 50s. But his main group is finally going to come out of hibernation and pour all on the first number. The first swallow from the upcoming album, released in November, very encouraging.

Chromatics – “Dear Tommy”

The cold spring of 2012, the group issued their magnum opus. It was epic, fascinating 17-track painting “Kill for love”, which inhibited Italic disco with molten guitars finally became the only possible soundtrack for trips to the edge of the night. The new album is intriguing: I wonder if the musicians to surpass its former success and still wondering who this “dear Tommy.”

Kanye West

In 2013, the main rapper of modern times recorded the album, definitely not what you expect from a man with diamond teeth: “Yeezus” was a noisy, avant-garde, torn apart by inhuman passions, it became the best album of the year, even magazines, writing exclusively about experimental music. What to expect after this from Mr. West – it is not clear: it should already be some music of the spheres. However, the rapper is already working on a new record. He promised it in 2014, but it did not happen. It’s probably good – and that we are still “Yeezus” not until the end of the departed.

Death Grips – “The Powers That B”

These fierce gentlemen travelled extensively on our ears, since 2011, when they released their first album. Since then, they consistently gave a year of release, and every time it was explosive cocktails, which are super-aggressive rap and furious electronics entered into an alchemical context. In the past year, the group announced the dissolution, to the sorrow of many. Their career was short and bright – what a shame to our “Home Print” is not reached, would be the best concert in the history of the city. But before you finally sink into oblivion, they promised to release the second part of their final double album. Waiting for a steep degree of savagery with these guys no not even close.


In the year before the maiden Quartet burst into the music industry and proved to everyone that in our time there is a place for honest guitar rock. Their debut album sparked dark energy exuded incredible groove and overall was quite good. The second album will be for these girls test of strength: whether it was a one-time luck, or we are dealing with a serious gang.

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In the last five years genius Thom Yorke for the most part upset. The last Radiohead album “King of the Limbs” is a bit faded, super group Atoms For Peace has issued the album cute, but unremarkable. Last fall Tom was released quite discouraging solo album, but then came the good news: the band Radiohead got down to recording a new album. I’d like to believe that we will hear it this year and it will be good.


This album fans of intelligent heavy music forward like the second coming. Last time we heard from the apologists of modern progressive rock in 2006 – their fourth release “10,000 Days” turned out just amazing, but after the group first took a break, then permanently stuck in the Studio… the Fans went crazy from waiting, some have even lost hope, but this year, it seems, their suffering will be rewarded. I really want to believe it.

This, of course, is not limited. Adele will present the album “25” and this is definitely good news for all lovers to listen to good quality music in a comfortable chair. Bjork is going to release a new album, and we have no idea where this time will turn wild imagination of the Icelandic diva. Coldplay threatening to issue another batch of aural bliss called “A Head Full Of Dreams”, but not so serene: there are rumors that the album for the group will be the last. Red Hot Chili Peppers will release a “superficially, real and introspective material”, according to bassist flea. Comment on the news, we will not. But deem it my duty to report that veterans of the British political post-punk Gang of Four will release a “What Happens Next”, and this release should place a bet: let them no longer young, but fry rock not forgotten, and on the album sing Allison Mosshart. And the new album will be released at the founders of grind core Napalm Death, so repent.

And finally – a good photo of the girls from the band Savages, for which we hope.