How Dating Industry Makes Romantic Life Easier for the UK Citizens

Numerous industries have grown in the last couple of years, but few can compare to the dating industry. Everyone with internet access has (or had) a profile on at least one dating app, especially in well-developed countries. According to WorldoMeters data from 2020, 83.2% of people in the UK live in urban areas. That might make one think that finding a suitable partner is simple. There are millions of people. What could go wrong?

Well, a lot of things. Dating sites wouldn’t be so popular in the UK if other ways of meeting partners could compare. The convenience of meeting partners online may be speeding up the extinction of the old ways. But when you think about it, that’s a good thing. No one can afford to waste time and money anymore. And with so many random people, it’s not simple to pick those who seem like matches. But online, those people become a bit less random. The sites and their algorithms still aren’t perfect, but the dating revolution is happening before our eyes.

Online Dating Revolution in a Nutshell

Online dating changed the world because it made it simpler for people to meet other people. Something similar to the social media revolution, but just to connect singles. Some people were against online dating; some still don’t trust it. But the majority of UK citizens are looking for partners online. The most popular online dating sites in the UK are growing every day because new people decide to give them a try. It’s common for singles, especially millennials, to have profiles on many apps. Some are there for them when they need a casual date. Others are there to help them find soulmates. And there are sites in both categories that deliver everything they promise. Yet many single people are still struggling to meet the right people.

One of the causes might be that we’ve become too picky. When humans learn they have the unlimited source of something, we tend to test how unlimited it really is. Do you think your grandpa was worried about the impact of oil on the environment? He didn’t care about it because our planet seemed limitless. There was so much it could offer. Why would they stop doing anything when nature just keeps giving?

A similar thing happens to many singles who seek partners online. They keep the image of their perfect partners in their minds, and anyone who doesn’t fit perfectly is discarded without hesitation. Knowing what you want and setting the bar too high to reach it are two different things. But it’s understandable why so many people stay single despite going on many dates. They are at the point where looking for a soulmate isn’t their priority. And that returns us to the categories of dating sites available in the UK. Different people should use suitable platforms to find what they desire. Making that possible is one of the blessings online dating has given to society. And in a way, it showed us that technology can help us be happy. Really happy.

Technology on Guard of Overall Happiness

We all know that technology makes our lives simpler, more comfortable, less stressful, and more entertaining. But don’t mistake any of those benefits for happiness. A person can have everything a hand could touch or eye can see and still be miserable. We need other people to be deeply happy. And everyone needs some kind of relationship. Even die-hard singles insisting on hookups need other people to stay happy. They don’t want to grow old together, but they want and need other people to feel the joy of life. The technology used in online dating helps to deliver that and checks all the boxes from the first sentence:

  • it simplifies our lives by letting us meet people whenever we want
  • it makes meeting people more comfortable because we can be at home in our pajamas and still get in touch with other singles
  • 0 stress related to approaching someone in a bar (50% of British singles have never asked someone out in person)
  • using matchmaking games turns dating into fun (not always a good thing, but they help to speed up the process of getting dates)

Chances to Meet Your Soulmate Online

Chances that someone in the UK finds their soulmate online are good. They’ll be even better in the future because online dating is a growing industry. Picking the right site is crucial for those who want serious relationships. Otherwise, they might end like Henry VIII and have a bunch of tragic relationships behind them. The number of people who find their soulmates online from the first try is tiny, but those who don’t give up can find love. It’s worth the effort even with all the help from dating sites, right?