How do you start a penpal letter?

How do you start a penpal letter?

You could even tell them about what you’ve been up to that week, if it’s quite interesting and varied.

  1. Tell your pen pal where you found their details.
  2. Keep it personalised.
  3. Don’t overdo it.
  4. Ask your pen pal some questions.
  5. Mention what you have in common.
  6. Add a little extra.

Does writing to prisoners help?

Generally, yes. Just be careful not to give too much personal information about yourself and write inmates with the understanding not all of them just want a pen pal. Understand that a lot of inmates will just try and use you for things. Money on their books, getting things sent to them, etc.

Can you send handwritten letters to prisoners?

We only allow inmates to receive correspondence sent through the US Postal Service or equivalent commercial service. We do not accept mail delivered by hand or courier. We will not accept mail with postage due. Postcards and letters must include first and last name and return address.

Why do prisoners have nice handwriting?

In prison culture there is an ongoing barter system. Inmates with nice handwriting will copy or even compose letters for a price. When it involves wooing people of the opposite sex(or same sex) there are times when it becomes a team effort. One thing inmates have a lot of is time.

What can you send to prisoners?

Here’s our list of the five best things to send inmates in a care package:

  1. Letters and Messages. According to, sending correspondence is the number one best way to help your loved one feel connected to home.
  2. Commissary Money.
  3. Photos.
  4. Books, Magazines and Newspapers.
  5. Celebratory Cards.

How many letters can a prisoner send a week?

Indigent inmates may send a maximum of two (2) letters per week (Monday through Sunday). There is no limit on indigent inmate legal mail. b.) Inmates may have an unlimited amount of correspondents.

Can you send hate mail to prisoners?

Nope, as far as I know. Just be careful that person can’t file charges against you for threats. Eventhough they deserve the backlash they will still use their rights for their own attention. Of course, depending on the legal entity overseeing such an endeavor.

Why do people write hate letters?

To receive anonymous mail is deeply disturbing. The victim whether angry or tearful has received a letter from a coward. Such correspondence has been called ‘hate mail’ or ‘a poison pen letter’; the person guilty of the act, a character assassin, whose deed causes much distress and anguish to the victim.

Can you send mail to prisoners?

Individuals are free to contact any state prison inmate by mail. Incoming letters are opened and inspected for contraband and then forwarded to the inmate.

Can inmates receive colored envelopes?

As of April 1, all correspondence must be on lined white paper and inside a white envelope. K-2 is an easily manipulated drug and plain white paper makes it easier for prison inspectors to see if they paper has been soaked in something. Colored paper, colored envelopes or paper with coloring on it is no longer allowed.

How fast do inmates get mail?

Mail sent to prisons is handled the same way as any other mail. The mail service you use will deliver it to the correctional facility within one to three days. How long it takes will also depend on the sender’s and prison’s locations.

Do inmates receive mail everyday?

The mail arrives at the prison as per the usual delivery times and thereafter is processed within the prison for distribution. Mail is ordinarily delivered under the door daily except when there is a problem with the mail, staffing or prison security.

Do prisoners work everyday?

Prisoners are allotted to work up to 12 hours per day. The penal labor system, managed by Texas Correctional Industries, were valued at US$88.9 million in 2014.