Ronnie Dawson and his clear voice

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Today we will talk another rockabilly kid – Ronnie Dawson (Ronnie Dawson).

Featuring stunning high and clear voice, Ronnie Dawson misled listeners who heard it 1st hit Action Packed, couldn’t figure out who sings a boy or a girl. He looked absolutely wonderful, not being like anyone with his blond buzz cut, which he was nicknamed The Blonde Bomber.

He never had a hit on a national scale, but despite this, he is one of the most prominent rockabilly musicians.

Dawson was a native of Texas, he was created in Houston July 11, 1939; elevated being an only-child within the household within TX, the city Waxahachie, his Pinky and the. Their dad performed the cello and was the founding father of the big-band. Realizing the child is love for audio, he trained the fundamentals of enjoying it and offered him a guitar. So audio Ronnie began since youth.

Young Dawson

Ronnie collected several ” The DEB Males & Dee ” and he enjoyed within the talent-show “Big-D Jamboree” in Texas. Several 10 months were gained for by Ronnie and Edward Macklemore, who had been in those days Supervisor Dale Hawkins, of Vincent, has authorized him on a.

Ronnie was just 19 when his Single-Action Loaded (1958) (using the tune “I Create The Love” about the opposite aspect), launched on Backbeat Documents required 1st devote the reach celebration. Subsequently arrived the strike Rocking’ Bones (1959), printed underneath the mantra “The Crazy Bomber – Ronnie Dawson”.

Both single began to sell well after dick Clark said Ronnie recorded on Swan Records and to participate in the television program American Bandstand. It would seem that career Ronnie had to go to the mountain, but commercial success passed him by.

Ronnie Dawson

As Ronnie later recalled in an interview, while he tried to cooperate with all those who received offers, and that was a mistake. The producers told him that if in recording to achieve a sound that Ronnie and his band gave on stage, it will be hits. Ronnie played guitar, he was not against the presence of brass instruments, but I wanted to do guitar music. Then it turned out that Swan Records and do not imply that there will be a guitar (the example of such pop songs as Hazel, Aren’t That A Kick In The Head, Pauline, Poor Little Johnny Smith). In the late ‘ 50s dick Clark was involved in a scandal involving bribed broadcasts songs on the radio and Ronnie was left without a label and the opportunity to gain on their early hits. Disappointed in the contract, Ronnie just started to play and record the music that he liked.

Ronnie recorded under various aliases, each of which denotes a specific genre of his music: Ronnie Dee – rockabilly, Commonwealth and Monroe Jones Snake rhythm n ‘ Blues (Columbia Records). In the ’60s, Ronnie formed a new band The Levee Singers, and in the’ 70s country-rock band Steel Rail.

Early hits such as “Action Packed”, Ronnie almost never played. Until 87 year, while the song is not remembered in the days of the Rockabilly Revival.