Should I sell tools to machete Mike?

Should I sell tools to machete Mike?

A man named Machete Mike will appear as you leave the tannery and present you with a proposition to sell the tools to him instead. Selling the tools (2,750 caps with a successful speech check) will still complete Hull Breach but will fail the Help The Mariner task on the Living on the Edge.

What happens if you tell Avery shes a synth?

If one presents this evidence to the synth Avery, she will come to realize the truth that her own mind has been altered to sell the deception. She remains determined to keep the peace on the island and pleads for the Sole Survivor to not tell Allen the truth.

Should I destroy Acadia Fallout 4?

The residents of Far Harbor will wipe out Acadia; you can participate or just watch the assault. Kasumi will be killed. Speak to Allen afterwards and you’ll receive a perk that boosts damage at low health. You will need to go on to destroy either Far Harbor or the Nucleus to end the story.

Can the brotherhood destroy Acadia?

The Brotherhood of Steel soldiers sent to the island have destroyed all of the synths in Acadia. I should check in with Knight-Captain Larsen. After learning of the existence of Acadia, the Brotherhood of Steel has successfully wiped out all of the rogue synths.

Should I take Nick Valentine to Far Harbor?

You absolutely must bring Nick Valentine with you. Some of the biggest payoffs/quests in Far Harbor’s story revolve around Nick, but for whatever reason, the game does let you play the DLC without him. At one point, Far Harbor actually offers you a permanent new companion, Old Longfellow.

Should you tell Kasumi about DiMA?

Talk with her to tell her what you have learned about what DiMA has done. Talking with Kasumi can turn out a number of ways. If you agree that Acadia is something worth saving or at least the ideal is worth protecting, she will reward the Sole Survivor with 3 Stimpaks, Radaways and Stealth Boys.

Is Father the real Shaun Fallout 4?

Shaun, also known as Father, is the son of the Sole Survivor and is the leader of the Institute in 2287. He serves as the primary antagonist of Fallout 4 unless the player character chooses to side with him.

Is Kellogg the courier?

Spoilers for more than one Fallout game: Kellogg is The Courier from NV. He is known to have been old enough, he is a spry 108 in F4, so being 10 years younger in NV wouldn’t be an issue. He was already “enhanced” which helped him survive a bullet to the head.