The classic Thanksgiving painting – Our image of the week

On Thanksgiving, we look at the classic Thanksgiving painting.

The classic Thanksgiving painting - Our image of the week

Thanksgiving started as a tradition many centuries ago. In fact, it began almost as far back as European colonization of the American Colonies began. The widely-recognized first Thanksgiving is 1621, where settlers at the Plymouth Plantation held a celebration after the crops were delivered successfully that year. It later became a formal holiday in the US Civil War year of 1863 after Abraham Lincoln wanted to give thanks to the Lord.

The image above, The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, depicts that first celebration. It is a painting by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe from 1914, and was made famous after appearing in Life magazine.

In the picture we see the recent settlers mixing with the local Native American tribes, while thanks is given to the Lord. We are also drawn to the small children to the left of the picture.


We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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George Levrier-Jones