Top 4 books of 2022 to read before the year ends

We are coming to the conclusion of another great season in book-world.

Whether you’re reading like the wind this summer or missed your goals, there’s something about autumn that continues to inspire you to read.

Luckily, the new season also meant a whole bunch of new releases to gobble up. From the follow-up announcements of our favorite authors to the debut titles of emerging authors, there was a growing anticipation for which books will be the biggest hits of 2022.

We have rounded up some of the best reads of 2022. You just need a good internet connection to download those that you like. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is giving issues, we suggest changing to more popular ISPs such as Cox. Along with feasible internet plans and packages, Cox bill pay allows you to pay your dues automatically from various options. With a reliable connection, you can easily get your hands on any book that speaks out to you.

Without further ado, let us get into our list of the best releases of 2022.

1.    Last Resort by Andrew Lipstein

The story begins in the middle of every screenwriter’s dream: Caleb Horowitz has caught the attention of a big agent who thinks his script is fantastic.

This could be Caleb’s chance to quit his job at a payroll app he doesn’t understand. With the dexterity of a gymnast, he knitted high and low eyebrows and created the most coveted treasure: a scandalous literary novel.

The raw plot revolves around an orgy on a Greek island with a dying woman and two American newlyweds. If you’ve ever wondered where writers get their ideas from, Last Resort is pretty damn funny.

If you’re a writer, The Last Resort gives you heartburn. Scattered across these pages is the dark horror that lurks in the chest of every creative person: embarrassing facts that can undermine glorious claims made in the name of literary invention.

2.    Lost and Found by Kathryn Schulz

In her new book Lost and Found, Pulitzer Prize-winning essayist Katherine Schultz comes to the same realization as the rabbi: the experience of grief and sorrow, the experience of love and joy, always happens at the same time, even when we are not fully aware of them and how connected they are.

In her lyrical and thought-provoking memoir, Schultz describes the emotional connection between grief for her father after his death and falling in love with the woman he soon married.

When Schultz begins her very logical analysis of the meaning of a word in various circumstances, the reader may be tempted to wonder if the author’s joke about these abstractions is simply her own way of avoiding it—another way of looking the other way, reading words in a bag full of sadness.

3.    The Wind Whistling in the Cranes by Lidia Jorge

Regarded as one of Europe’s most influential contemporary writers, the Portuguese writer Lydia Jorge has captivated international audiences for decades.

With the publication of The Wind Whistling in the Cranes, English-speaking readers can now experience the sound of her signature poetic style and finely woven multi-character narrative, and witness the heroic journey of one of literature’s craziest and sweetest fictional characters.

The Wind Whistling in the Cranes is a long, engaging novel that breaks down information and plot twists at a methodical pace. It feels very natural: the novel is, of course, a flexible art form, but one of its most important virtues is patience and consideration. She is exceptionally good at depicting the fall of an old order, and it is a pleasure for Mrs. Jorge to treat the classic subject with confidence.

4.    The Maid by Nita Prose

Maid Molly is all alone in the world. Nobody.

She used to be inconspicuous at work at the Regency Grand Hotel, stuffing pillows and sweeping dirt, dust, and secrets from passing guests. She is just a maid – why would anyone notice?

But Molly takes center stage when she discovers an infamous guest, Mr. Black, dead in his bed. It’s not a mess that can be easily cleaned up. And as Molly becomes involved in her search for the truth and follows the whispered clues in the corridors of Grand Regency, she discovers a power she never knew existed.

She’s just a maid, but what can she see that others can’t see?

Bottom Line

Books provide a lifesaver when the real world seems too tense or terrifying, can tickle even the most dormant imagination with a fantasy or historical novel, give goosebumps with a good thriller, melt even the most stubborn hearts with a fiery novel, novel, or romance, or put us in someone else’s shoes through non-fiction or memoirs. We hope you find some good reads from our list.