Wayward Pines Season 1 OST

Soundtrack to Wayward Pines (2015-2016), based on the book of Crouch Blake is a detective and dystopia and adventure and even sci-fi. First, many viewers have drawn Parallels with twin Peaks, but Pine trees are not what they seem. Wayward pines is somewhat similar to the TV series Lost, but it is also definitely not Lost. Now ending the 2nd season of Wayward Pines, his final series should be out in days. It is lined with the soundtrack – the songs heard in the 1st season. If you are interested in the music for the film (score), its Creator, Charlie Clouser, and from music there is only the main theme that struck me as most interesting.

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Wayward Pines, book cover

Here is what the author Pines and Executive producer Blake Crouche:

8 APR 1990 Hello BBC aired the conspiracy TV-series episode by Mark frost and Lynch is “double Highs”, as well as for some time a secret of “Who killed Palmer?” was stored in suspense America’s entire. While I was twelve, and that I’ll always remember the emotions that surrounded me when I viewed this insane show with exemplary cherry cake and darn great espresso, wherever nothing was what it appeared…

Regardless of how great was “double Highs”, this series’ character, particularly how prematurely and suddenly it finished, quit me experiencing extremely disappointed. Soon after the series’ finish, I had been therefore heartbroken he attempted to create a mythological third-season isn’t herself however although for anybody, not only to break with him.

This endeavor failed, as numerous others as I get older so that as as, and people an author, would be to replicate my – year’s emotions “I” .

Pines that are careless may be my efforts’ finale, today comprising for two decades, to produce something which might have exactly the same emotions whilst the “double Highs”. I’m by no means recommending the Pines achieve levels of the masterpiece of Lynch, or at-least in a position to wake you sensation of the sequence. The sequence was therefore totally self-sufficient that any make an effort to replicate its feeling are condemned to disappointment. Nevertheless, personally I think the requirement to Convey how “Wood” was impressed by developed a little city in the center of nowhere, by Lynch but is resistant having an underbelly that is dark.

List of songs performed in the series, Pines (season 1):


The Ink Spots – I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire

Ethan comes to the Sheriff’s office and tells Arlene that he needed a Sheriff, she calls Arnold.


Al Green – Funny How Time Slips Away

Beverly in the bar, and in walks Ethan, she warns him about the tapping, makes the music louder and they dance together.


Four Piece Suit – Blue Texas

Ethan and Teresa walk into a bar Biergarten for dinner with the Fishers, the music plays in the background.

Michael Rheault – Hold Me Tight

Theresa and Megan returns from the ladies room, Ethan asks Fisher about the executions

Peter Schmalfuss – Waltz No. 3 in A Minor, Op. 34, No. 2

Music plays on the radio Wayward Pines

The Who – The Seeker

The song is listed in the OST for the movie, but it is unclear in which moment it sounds.


George Frideric Handel – Sarabande

Ethan comes into the office Pilcher.


Arum Rae – Something’s Happening to Me


Enrico Caruso – L’elisir d’amore: Una Furtiva Lagrima

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David Pilcher includes player and watching on the monitor as Abby are attacking the city.

I can think of the song “In The Pines”, an old Blues standard, which was executed by Leadbelly and even Kurt Cobain. We hear versions of Charlie Feathers and Gene Vincent.