What is a Class 4 felony in PA?

What is a Class 4 felony in PA?

Some examples of 4th Degree felonies include vehicular assault, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, criminal mischief, and theft of a motor vehicle.

What is legally considered harassment in Pennsylvania?

What Constitutes Harassment in Pennsylvania? Harassment is any unwanted action done repeatedly, with a clear intent to annoy, alarm, or frighten a specific person.

How bad is a harassment charge?

What are potential consequences of a harassment conviction? If there are no aggravating circumstances to elevate the charge, most harassment charges are misdemeanor level offenses. According to harassment laws, a misdemeanor can result in punishment for one or two years in county jail, depending on the state.

How much is a harassment fine in PA?

Summary offenses are the most minor classification of criminal charges under Pennsylvania law. If you’re charged with summary harassment, you face a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail. You may also be fined up to $300. Harassment can also be charged as a misdemeanor of the third degree.

What is the punishment for stalking in PA?

Stalking is considered a serious crime under Pennsylvania statutes. It is classified as a first degree misdemeanor, meaning those who are convicted of stalking face up to five years’ imprisonment and up to $10,000 in fines.

What qualifies as stalking in PA?

Stalking in Pennsylvania – A course of action or repeated communication with intent to place fear of bodily harm or emotional distress in the recipient. Specifically, a “course of conduct” is a pattern of more than one act over a certain period.

How do I press harassment charges in PA?

How to file harassment charges in PA. The first step is to call your local police, and let them know you would like to file a report for harassment. You can provide them with any text messages, emails or other evidence you may have.

What is stocking a person?

the act of following a person or animal as closely as possible without being seen or heard. (Definition of stalking from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What are the categories of stalking?

Types of Stalking

  • The Rejected stalker (click to expand) Rejected stalking arises in the context of the breakdown of a close relationship.
  • The Resentful stalker (click to expand)
  • The Intimacy Seeking stalker (click to expand)
  • The Incompetent Suitor (click to expand)
  • The Predatory stalker (click to expand)

What is Erotomania stalking?

The key symptom of erotomania is a resolute and delusional belief by someone that another person is in love with them. Behavior linked to erotomania includes persistent efforts to make contact through stalking, written communication, and other harassing behaviors.