Who is the youngest KPop Idol?

Who is the youngest KPop Idol?

Dahyun debuted with Woollim Entertainment girl group Rocket Punch in August 2019, when she was only 14 years old! Prior to her debut, she had been a trainee under the agency for two years, proving her talent at a very young age. Fans can now check her out in the MV for the group’s latest single ‘Juicy’!

Why did Bighit change its name?

Big Hit Entertainment, which manages K-pop sensation BTS, changed its corporate name to HYBE, and made other changes that will take effect on March 30 after a shareholders’ meeting. He added: “I felt the need to change of our name as a symbol of the structure that could connect and expand the current businesses.”

Why does YouTube freeze BTS?

The views freeze because the views are counted. With mass streaming, YouTube freezes the views from time to time so it can validate them, that is why when views unfreeze, video gets instantly massive amount of new views at once or in few intervals.

Why did YouTube delete BTS views but not Blackpink?

it’s because yg post blackpink’s Mv under “People & Blogs” category,that means that you only have to watch 3 second and it’s counted as a view. Some reported that YG Entertainment put BLACKPINK music videos under the “People & Blog” category instead of “Music” to avoid “frozen or getting overlapped views filtered out.”

Did Blackpink break BTS record?

BTS’ Dynamite music video breaks BLACKPINK’s record to cross 450 million views. The record was previously held by BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ MV that had crossed 450 million views in 57 days and seven hours.

Did Blackpink break BTS record 24 hours?

The next-biggest 24-hour debut belongs to Blackpink, whose “How You Like That” earned 86.3 million first-day views last summer. It’s not surprising that “Butter” apparently broke the 24-hour YouTube debut record given its meteoric premiere.

Did Blackpink lovesick girl breaks record?

Development and release Blackpink broke their own personal record by surpassing 10 million views for the music video in less than 52 minutes. The group’s previous record with their song “Ice Cream” surpassed 10 million views in two hours and 55 minutes.

Will Blackpink beat BTS?

Blackpink beat out BTS as the highest-charting K-pop group in history, as How You Like That smashes Spotify, iTunes and YouTube streaming records.