Greece’s most stunningly beautiful historical sites

As a country, Greece hasn’t just contributed to the world via its philosophy, astrology, and medicine, but also its sites from the ancient past that have stood the test of time and become popular tourist attractions today. While some people are interested in World war 1, others have a keen interest in ancient Greece. In fact, Greece is filled with history, making it one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in Europe.

If you ever get the chance to explore the country, a number of historic sites are well worth visiting. In fact, for people with an interest in the country’s ancient powers, the array of offerings you can experience is quite remarkable. Of course, many holidaymakers flock to Greece due to the selection of famous Greek Gods like Zeus, too, with some people playing the Age of the Gods collection of games or reading up on the history of Greek Gods before being tempted into booking a flight to explore this historical nation. Some locations are over a thousand years old also, while others have been restored to provide a glorious setting for any visiting tourists. Below is a look at some of them.


Home of the first Olympic Games in 776 BC, Olympia is a popular Greek city. With the city’s reputation growing after hosting the feast of sport, Olympia is featured prominently throughout the history books, although that did change in 394 AD when Roman Emperor Theodosius I scrapped it. In 2022, though, the site is well worth exploring if you have the opportunity to do so. While some of the site was restored after 394 AD, you can still see the remains of the impressive stadium overall. Make sure you check out the Treasuries and the Temple of Hera, too.

Grandmasters Palace

Situated on the glorious island of Rhodes, the Grandmasters Palace was the palace of the Knights Hospitaller of St John. After the island was captured by the Ottomans in 1522, this fourteenth-century building was used by both Christians and the military, before being preserved for modern-day audiences who can’t wait to explore this dominant island structure. As well as learning about its history in more detail through its museum, visitors can also claim that they’ve visited an official UNESCO World Heritage site. While most people flock to Rhodes for a relaxing escape away, there are others who can’t resist exploring the Grandmasters Palace.

Temple of Hephaestus

Greece is filled with temples, but the Temple of Hephaestus is arguably the one to see, not only because you can’t miss it due to its sheer size, but also because of the rich history that’s attached to it. Built in the fifth century BC, the Temple of Hephaestus is where people would come to worship the famous Greek deity of fire, blacksmiths and sculpture. Later forming a part of the church, this particular temple is in excellent condition and provides visitors with a genuinely fascinating dive into a period so many people are hugely interested in.

The Acropolis

An instantly recognizable site, the Acropolis is a monument to the success of the Ancient Greek civilization and can be seen from various locations around Athens. Best up close, the area of the Acropolis features a selection of buildings and monuments that are explored by visiting tourists on a regular basis. They include the Propylaia and the Parthenon, alongside a newly-opened museum that contains some amazing artifacts from that particular location. If you ever get the chance to visit the Acropolis, be sure to take a camera with you.

Other notable historical sites include Delphi, Mystras and Akrotiri.