Dating a Cougar: Answers to Popular Questions

You’ll undoubtedly have heard of the large wild cats, but are you aware of cougars in the romantic sense? These creatures can be equally wild, striking, and untamed, but if you learn how to tame them, you can be in for an exciting time! Seriously. Cougars have become a phenomenon in the world of relationships. If you’ve yet to become acquainted with the delights of dating a cougar, perhaps it’s time you were enlightened!

Who are the cougars?

Cougars can readily be described as women who may no longer be technically young, but they are still very much young at heart. They can be easily identified in social settings because cougars tend to operate in packs. Rather than being subject to any of society’s ridiculous preconceptions that only youngsters are cool enough for trendy bars or nightclubs, cougars willingly participate in whatever activity they feel like.

They might not necessarily favor the short skirts or high heels that younger girls always wear, but they will make the most of their physical presence with a more sophisticated dress sense. Rather than being overtly sexual, they would much rather tease the guys they know are drawn to them like moths to a flame! Because of the popularity of the older women younger men dynamic, an increasing number of websites and apps are springing up to cater to the cougar dating demand. Mature singles love flirting in the online setting and will be just as IT-literate as guys half their age. These outlets are far more popular with young guys than run-of-the-mill websites, where they can bump into any number of girls their age. These enlightened males appreciate that mature women bring so much more to the party. If they are divorcees, they may well be enjoying regular alimony payments. Perhaps they have run a successful business for some time. These features make them immensely attractive to their younger suitors, and a discrete communication environment offered by digital outlets is perfect for striking up intimate conversations.

How to find them?

You will find cougars in a variety of locations. You might consider visiting the latest wine bar that is welcoming a discerning clientele. How about the theatre, art galleries, or more upmarket retail centers? Wherever you manage to track down your amenable cougar, you must approach with caution. These women will recognize hackneyed chat-up lines when they hear them. They would much rather you approached them as equals – so avoid cliched chat.

Who can attract them?

In terms of who cougars are attracted to, they are particularly fond of males who have something to say for themselves. Cougars love the finer things in life, whether that’s the finest wines, delicious cuisine, or interesting holiday locations. Your best bet for attracting a cougar would be to ensure you are always well turned out when you enter a venue where these delectable ladies hang out. Don’t think about showing up in scruffy jeans and sneakers as if you are about to head off to play a ball game. Instead, match the sophisticated style she will undoubtedly have embraced.

Relationship dynamics

A key aspect of being aware of about the cougar relationship dynamic is that cougars are never impressed by guys who put them on a pedestal. Just because they are older and wiser is no way to treat them any different than you would younger females you are interested in. It would be advisable to do some background research if you are planning a cougar date. She might not be interested in conversation topics revolving around baseball or the latest reality TV show you might have dipped into. The keyword to keep in mind with cougars is sophistication. Cougar is also a byword for passion.

Will it last long?

In terms of how long your coupling is likely to last, the answer is as long as you are prepared to commit to a meaningful relationship. Cougar dating is a multi-faceted activity. As well as women seeking affairs with young guys, older lesbians might be interested in getting familiar with compatible girls. The online environment is perfect for these ladies to exchange messages to explore the interests they share. They might start by chatting about topics they have in common, such as the development of lesbianism through time. Leading on from this, the chemistry developing, they could start discussing their current passions. This is how relationship dynamics can progress.

To summarize, cougars do have exacting standards, with many potential suitors falling short. But if you pay close attention to the pointers we’ve outlined, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to introduce yourself to a gorgeous cougar. A fun and thrilling romance could be just around the corner.