Good-bye, Lana Del Rey

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A lyrical essay about the new album of Lana Del Rey. Quickly, too quickly she issued a new album. Previous, “Ultraviolence”, was released last summer, singer nobody really managed to miss – but here we have “Honeymoon”, a community of about fourteen songs, and does not wriggle.

In 2012, Lana Del Rey has conquered all strongly – and consumers of mass music production, and those who are the most pop music always avoided. The phenomenal success was calculated to the last detail – just like the image of the singer. She stood alone among the other plastic pop stars. Her music is sparse, sedatives R’n’b in half with the old-music – hypnotized. Her videos cut home video footage mixed with old Hollywood movies – was mesmerizing. And as she sang languidly, gently, like a purring in your ear.

All combine to give a striking effect. The picture in the imagination was drawn very clear: the vast, hawed, deserted beaches, roadside cafes, motels in the rays of the setting sun, small towns, swimming pools in the back yards… cine Mythical America of the past, where no one ever was, which perhaps never existed, but which dreamed every. Lana and she is a resident of one of these small towns, girl with a secret, innocent and vicious, simple and mysterious. It was a delicate play on stereotypes and latent desires. In 2012, it was impossible not to fall in love with Lana Del Rey.

What has changed in Lana by 2015? Nothing. After topping “Born to Die” she continued to bend the line. Her previous album “Ultraviolence”, produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, it sounded a bit unusual thanks to Blues guitar, but overall was the same eggs, only side view and adopted it, without the former enthusiasm. Announcing the “Honeymoon” the singer stated that returns to the style of his breakthrough album, and not lie: the new album is really similar to “Born to Die” and in General it sounds just like the album Lana Del Rey.

The action starts with cinematic strings, then joins the usual the voice, support it restrained drums and deep piano chords, slow songs begin to flow one after another – 14, languid, handsome and somewhat boring songs. At the end of the album recall the hit “High By the Beach”, epic “The Blackest Day” with a powerful bass, “Salvatore” with Spanish influences – this, perhaps, everything. However, the same story was with her previous records: by themselves, the songs are not very different from each other, much more important was the General atmosphere. But the focus with the creation of this atmosphere was disposable. Singing in their old and good times one Belarusian band, “but cleared the novel – it is like mist”. The charm has passed, the scales fell from his eyes, the outlines of this most mythical of America disappeared in a haze. Goodbye, America, where I was never.

Still languidly sounds low, smoky voice Lana Del Rey, all the same Hollywood drama she plays. Only now really feel the drama is not obtained. Not that they don’t believe… Just that they now resemble the complaints of old friends that autumn threw in another guy.