How does Capulet change the wedding plans Act 4 Scene 2?

How does Capulet change the wedding plans Act 4 Scene 2?

Lord Capulet is ecstatic over her change in heart, and he moves the wedding date to the very next day. This doesn’t bother Juliet, because she doesn’t plan to be around for the wedding anyway. It’s an unexpected twist in the play.

What change of plans are the Capulets making?

What change does Lord Capulet make in the wedding plans? Lord Capulet moves the wedding from Thursday to Wednesday.

How would this change affect Friar Laurence’s plan?

Capulet’s change of plan might affect Friar Laurence because Romeo will either not get the letter sent from Friar Laurence or he will get the letter and not make it to Juliet in time.

How does Romeo learn the plan?

How will Romeo learn of Friar Laurence’s plan? He is supposed to hear it from Balthazar, but Friar Lawrence doesn’t tell Balthazar, but sends the message with Friar John instead. As a result, Romeo never learns of Friar Lawrence’s plan.

Is the love of Romeo and Juliet an example of true love?

When Love is True True love is a defendable emotion worth personally sacrificing for. In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague falls in love with Juliet Capulet, the Capulets being revivals of the Montague family.

Why did Juliet fall in love with Romeo?

Meeting Juliet and finding that she is amenable to his advances helps him to move on from Rosaline. On the other hand, Juliet loves Romeo because she feels pressure from her parents to marry. They have an instant attraction, and when a person is young and impressionable, this is sometimes all it takes to spark love.

Who comes up with the plan to get Juliet out of marrying Paris?

Juliet refuses to marry Paris He is horrified with her response and tells her she must be married to Paris or else he will disown her forever. Juliet flees to Friar Laurence where she tells him this news. Friar Laurence and Juliet come up with a plan where she will fake her own death.