How much does IMG Academy cost per year?

How much does IMG Academy cost per year?

Tuition Cost

Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students) $84,400 (Tuition varies depending on your sport program.) $59,500
Yearly Tuition (Day Students) $67,400 (Tuition varies depending on your sport program. Contact us to learn more.) $33,250
% Students on Financial Aid 20% 40%
Merit Scholarships Offered No No

Is IMG expensive?

IMG is an insanely expensive school; annual tuition is around $80,000.

Do athletes pay to go to IMG Academy?

The Student-Athlete Tuition Package is the cornerstone of the IMG Academy experience, focusing on academic, athletic & personal development, and represents the greatest value. The boarding package includes private school tuition, sport tuition as well as standard housing & meal options.

Is IMG Academy free?

Standard tuition for one year of boarding at IMG Academy is $68,500 plus a team sport competition and training gear fee that ranges from $3,750-$4,250 depending on the sport. A single semester costs $39,400.

How can I get IMG scholarship?

At this time, IMG Academy does not offer scholarships. We do have a limited amount of financial aid available. Recipients are selected based on an academic, athletic, character and financial review. For more information, please reference our admissions page.

Do you have to try out for IMG Academy?

IMG Academy is one of the world’s most prestigious boarding schools and offers a rolling admissions process. Prospective families are encouraged to explore IMG and to apply as early as possible to ensure that they have ample time and opportunity throughout the entire process.

Why choose IMG Academy for baseball?

IMG Academy’s baseball program focuses on complete, individual development. Coaches with extensive experience at the collegiate and MLB levels work closely with student-athletes on their athletic development and progress throughout their career.

How much does it cost to attend IMG Academy?

For academic year 2021-2022, tuition ranges from $65,900 to $85,900 per year depending on age, boarding and grade of student-athlete. Go to our tuition page for the full sport-by-sport cost breakdown. A great way to learn more about IMG Academy is to attend a camp and see first-hand how to take your game to the next level.

Is IMG considered a football academy?

IMG started as an elite tennis academy. In Andre Agassi’s biography (Great book BTW) he talks about his time there as a young prodigy playing the greatest players of his generation every f=day and almost zero school. It was not a ‘football” academy until much later.

Why choose IMG Academy Bradenton?

Bradenton, Florida averages 260 days of sunshine per year making IMG Academy an ideal year-round training location. Since 1978, we’ve had some of the most elite athletes and teams in world train here.