How much is the Sheats Goldstein house?

How much is the Sheats Goldstein house?

Inside the ‘Big Lebowski’ home, the iconic $40 million mansion that will be donated to an art museum. You may not know LA’s Sheats-Goldstein Residence by name, but chances are, you’ve seen it in “The Big Lebowski,” “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” or on Instagram. Rihanna even held her 27th birthday party there.

Who owns the Goldstein house?

James GoldsteinSheats–Goldstein Residence / Owner

Designed in 1961 by John Lautner — an influential Southern California architect — the glass and concrete house clings to the side of a canyon. Its present owner, James Goldstein, has been revising and perfecting it for 35 years. Goldstein — who has his own fashion line — poses in front of his home.

How did James Goldstein get rich?

He has got quite a flair, and we love him as a sort of a superfan.” It was reported in 2020 that Goldstein made his money through real estate, specifically via packaging mobile home parks and suing municipalities in the interest of ending rent control.

Can you visit Sheats Goldstein Residence?

The home is a private residence and open only upon invitation. The owner, Jim Goldstein, has asked that a $35 donation (plus $3.50 credit … You might want to join this meetup for future notifications of this and other tours. As always, we welcome suggestions for tours of other Lautner buildings.

Who built the Goldstein house?

John LautnerSheats–Goldstein Residence / Architect
The 4,500-square-foot house was designed by American architect John Lautner and built between 1961 and 1963, in Los Angeles’ Beverly Crest neighborhood.

Where is Jackie Treehorn house?

Jackie Treehorn’s House Supposedly in Malibu, the Treehorn house actually stands overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles in Beverly Crest, about 30 miles away from Point Dume. The Sheats-Goldstein Residence is a poured concrete, space-age architectural marvel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright disciple John Lautner.

Is James Goldstein married?

Goldstein has never been married and with no family to speak of, the house has become more than a home: it’s like his child.

How do I get to Ennis House?

It is currently a private residence. For inquiries about visiting the Ennis House head to or email [email protected].

How much is the Elrod House worth?

Nelson Moe Properties has listed it for $8 million.

Who lives in Elrod House?

Real-estate investor Michael J. Kilroy bought the Elrod House from billionaire Ron Burkle in 2003 for $5.5 million. During his ownership, Burkle updated the mechanics and restored the interior furnishings.