Nazis, Saboteurs or Heroes? History is Now – Issue 3

Were the 1920s German paramilitaries known as the Freikorps Nazis, saboteurs or liberators?

Our cover story in the latest edition of History is Now magazine considers the fascinating tale of the Freikorps in the years after World War I and how they went on to influence the Nazis.

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Nazis, Saboteurs or Heroes? History is Now – Issue 3

Members of the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) in 1933. Those in the photo were too young to have been in the Freikorps in the years immediately after World War I, but the Hitler Youth organization was influenced by the Freikorps.

What else can you expect from this issue of the magazine? Here are our editor’s words…

Three months since the launch of History is Now magazine, issue 3 is here for you! We’ve been working to refine the layout and content of the magazine over November and December and hope that you like the finished product.

This month’s cover story is on the Freikorps, the German paramilitaries that appeared following the end of World War I. They played an important role in the aftermath of the war, and would later influence the Nazis. Then we’ve got our podcast on the Korean War for you, and this month we’re doing things differently. To go alongside the podcast, we have an article on the little-known role of French troops in the Korean War. And we also go way back into East Asian history. As you may well know, we try to keep our magazine concentrated on topics from the 18th century onwards, but Alex Hawkins produced a fascinating article on the late 16th century Imjin War for us. The war was one of the great wars of its age, and one in which Korea was pivotal.

We shall also be looking at the life of James Forten, an African-American who succeeded against all odds in an age of prejudice. He fought against the British in the American Revolutionary War and was involved in the abolitionist movement. We’ve also got an article on the first and last Queen of Hawaii, a tale that is both sad and inspiring. Our other major piece this month is a very original and very opinionated piece on the 1830s Texas Revolution – among other topics. Let us know what you think of it!

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George Levrier-Jones