Steps to Skyrocket Your Self-esteem as a Full-figured Lady

Nowadays, it’s easy to fall under the influence of toxic people (and content) and lose bits of self-esteem at every step. It happens to all groups of people. No one is immune to insecurities. However, some people have to overcome more than others. In the near past, full-figured ladies weren’t recognized as beautiful. Standards were different. That crushed many big girls. But luckily, things change. Self-acceptance is the new measure of attraction. That means full-figured ladies should walk with their heads high and be aware of their power and beauty.

Still, that’s easier said than done. Self-esteem crushes in seconds but can take years to build. The first step is planting yourself in fertile soil.

Sign up For a Niche Dating Platform

Dating is an important part of skyrocketing your confidence. Being able to go on dates whenever you want is a big deal. Many full-figured ladies think they can’t come close to that. They think that they have to look on regular dating sites. But that’s not true. There are specialized dating sites for full-figured, where these ladies can meet men (or women) who prefer their body type. Each of the sites from the review has video chat, which is a great way to indulge in compliments about your body.

Using the proper sites and chatting with people builds compliments. But it also leads to dates. And nothing is better for self-esteem than having a rich date life. It’s a clear sign that you’re desirable. That people want you for who you are and think you are beautiful. That gives big ladies a powerful aura. And it’s simpler to get it than some think because of niche dating sites.


Get Rid of Toxic Friends

Some problems might be closer to you than you think. Women are often mean to each other, even to close friends. Learn how to recognize those who put you down. Then learn how to avoid them. If one of your friends can’t help herself to comment on your body on every occasion, block her – in real life. People who bring others down with mean comments do that because of their insecurities. Even those who seem to have unshakeable confidence. It can be scary to walk away from some people in your life, but you can never grow while being pushed down. And making new friends (or getting dates) won’t be a problem once you move away from the toxic environment.

Once you surround yourself with positive people who don’t spit venom, you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn. As much as words can hurt, they can also heal and help people grow. Hearing positive things about you, your body, and your soul will help yourealize how awesome you are.

Get Yourself a body-positive Tattoo

This might not be for everyone, but getting a body-positive tattoo can help to build confidence. It’s the closest you can get to putting a magic rune on your skin. Every time you look at the tattoo, you’ll think of its meaning. It will be a permanent reminder that you went through the storms to get where you are now. It will remind you that you survived all those storms and changed. Getting a body-positive tattoo is also a sign to everyone else that you’re proud of your body. And we all know how hot confidence is.

The motive for your tattoo doesn’t have to be related to your body. You don’t have to place a tattoo on a visible spot either. It can be something no one else gets or your favorite musical instrument, dish, or animal. It can be whatever you want because it’s on you. If it makes you love yourself more, nothing else matters.

Choose a Plus-size Role Model

As we said, skyrocketing self-esteem is a process that takes time. During that period, you’ll have bad days. Don’t expect to wake up full of confidence every day. Everything of real value gets hard at times. It’s better to prepare for such moments.

That’s when looking at some inspiring plus-size women can help. Their stories and words can help you climb out of the hole even when it’s already muddy and half-full with rain. Even though famous plus-size ladies have many followers, everyone gets the same feeling of empowerment. Full-figured celebrities also had to deal with the same issues as their fans. It’s much easier to relate with them that way. We’ll list some ladies you might want to start following (or you already do).

  • Ashley Graham – plus-size model
  • Tess Holliday – plus-size model
  • Barbie Ferreira – actress
  • Emily Campbell – weightlifter

But your role model doesn’t have to be famous. It can be anyone. Your mom, your aunt, a confident woman from the bakery, anyone. The goal is to love your whole self with your whole being. Whoever helps you on that path, keep them as close as you can.