The five most coolest albums

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Parse notable records released in recent years: a triumph “Curry”, shame Thom Yorke, return Afexa Tween and interesting releases from young.

“Kurara” – “Archimedes”

Without further ADO: “Kurara” recorded their coolest album. Sixth, released 10 years after their debut, “Hello, children,” the “Archimedes” became both the quintessence of all past of the band and a powerful leap forward. The music was equally tougher and more beautiful: dry and bony sound of the guitar had grown meats, and the corners twinkle strings, menacing sounds, piano, electronic synth weaves lace; the groove became much higher under most of the songs limbs begin to involuntarily move. Texts Jagodina became good impossibly wicked, the wise, that no line is a masterpiece, the aphorism and the portal to middle head, as he sang on the previous “Posh life”. “We are not taking Bank, do not take wine, As if God smokes”, “I’m calm”, “More bass in the monitors”. Our absolute favorite is the song “E-rock” under its hypnotic beat and a ragged chords of memory blurred frames POPs up the whole life of Ekaterinburg rock underground in recent years. In addition to the ten new songs on the “Archimedes” there is a rather strong bonus: the five things different years, rewritten in a new sound, from “Barefoot dog” to “Stones”.

Aphex Twin – Syro

The great electronics genius Richard D. James was silent the last 13 years, and then took the fanfare and released a full-length album. Among the twelve rather long tracks presented on it, you will find awesome hits like Come to daddy or Windowlicker, will not find profound things like noble misty melancholia in the spirit of the debut album Selected Ambient Works 85-92. On Syro sounds complex electro, crazy jungle, glitch electro funk word, all things that himself Richard D. James calls the term “brain dance”. After years of abstinence Afeks TVIN off in full, and his new tracks are literally reeling from the abundance of new ideas, brand tunes and unheard of musical passages. To Syro in all its grandiose splendor, you need more than a dozen auditions. Richard D. James is once again ahead of the rest. However, there are on the album and an oasis of calm: a simple lyric final thing Aisatsana. If you turn that word, it turns out Anastasia is the name Russian wife of Richard D. James – which, by the way, slowly repeats “Socks, socks, roooock” in the track CIRCLONT14 (Shrymoming Mix).

Garry Drummer Orchestra – Raveless

Young Ekaterinburg gang of seven heads was given the material formerly in these places unheard of. Starts their debut EP solemnly sung chorus of ode to joy and ends with a fly away straight into open space. Between these two points is five tracks of an amazing rave with hard guitars, acid synths and aggressive vocals from Ekaterinburg rock heroine VLA. With all of this deep and reflective lyrics filled with dark imagery, and the guitar sound at times very – in a word, this sparkling has all the signs of the present, high art. As said on this occasion would be one great poet acmes, “not the song of the Finch, and the Symphony with organ and singing.” A nice bonus to this luxurious release – Garry Drummer Orchestra wonder how good live, and it is now one of the most interesting projects at the Ekaterinburg scene.

Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Modern suddenly, like snow on the head, he released his second solo album Thom Yorke. But the first euphoria about this event soon gave way to familiar disappointment. People that can Express in a lingering moan voice the pain of this world and sing the most important words about life and death, in recent years prefer just to howl under electronic chirping. So it was on the last album Radiohead, so it was at last year’s release of the York super group Atoms for peace, and about the same sounds on his latest solo album. However, this time somehow quite unattractive: the musical component was relegated to the murky synth buzz, accompanied by languid electronic percussion and howls York as if by inertia. His voice is still heavenly beautiful, but it is no longer even the “pale flame of desire”, which was written by Tyutchev.

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Vessel – Punish, Honey

This release came to us in ears randomly – we were just stunned by it. Sounds on the noise techno, equally electronic and man-made. Of sounds, produced using homemade instruments, going pulsating sonic canvas. In the paintings of these anxiety causing strong waves, from all sides the darkness thickens, and the first priority in this darkness leaves the body. Music Vessel is extremely physiological, every sound almost feel their skin, and organs external and internal. The album Punish, Honey, as you can tell from the name that hovered somewhere between pain and pleasure in equally of Eros and Thanatos. For example, the track Red Sex – one of the sexiest songs of the year. And Black Leaves and Broken Branches above the site of the former Orgy a cold wind scattered fallen leaves and fading in the sky circled by the vultures. Amazing album!