Well forgotten old. 10 successfully and unexpectedly borrowed songs

Cover versions of famous songs of foreign bands, of which many were unaware

Today there are a huge number of cover versions of famous songs and some even manage to outdo the popularity of originals. We have dedicated a selection of three kinds of these musical phenomena: successful, completely unexpected and unifying these two qualities.

Love Will Tear Us Apart, 1979

The song of one of the first post-punk bands, written in 1979, is today considered truly cultic, like the band Joy Division itself. In 2012, the British music magazine NME recognized Love Will Tear Us Apart as the greatest song of all time. It was quail by many well-known and not very groups. The most common version is Swans 1988.

Keep on Loving You, 1980

In 1980, the leader of the American rock band REO Speedwagon Kevin Kronin wrote the ballad Keep on Loving You. As a result, it sold more than a million copies of it and the single received platinum status in the US. Almost 30 years later, the hit of the 80’s was reborn. A new version of it was created by Greg Gonzalez, the leader of the ambient pop group from Texas Cigarettes After Sex. The musician slowed down the composition and eventually got a beautiful ballad about tragic love.

Hot Like Fire, 1996

The song was written by Missy Elliott and Tim “Timbaland” Mosley for the second album of R & B-singer Aliya, who died tragically at the age of 22. In 2010, the British indie band The XX recorded a sensual cover on the initially carefree and dance track, completely changing his perception.

Confide in Me, 1994

Multi-genre composition with elements of R & B, dance-pop, jazz and trip-hop was included in the fifth album of Kylie Minogue. The song is considered one of the best singles of the singer. In 2010, the British band Hurts recorded a cover for it and since then Confide in Me has often been included in the set list of their concerts. In response, the singer performed Wonderful Life on the air of one of the radio stations. Also Minogue and Hurts sang Confide in Me with a duet.

Blue Monday, 1983

Blue Monday is the first hit of New Order. It is noteworthy that the seven-minute song has become one of the longest works ever hit the British charts. After the release of the composition, many covers and remixes were recorded on it. For a greater contrast with the original, you can compare the version of the Norwegian electronic collective Flunk, which entered their debut album in 2002.

Personal Jesus, 1989

One of the most famous songs of the band Depeche Mode received the gold status and was included in the list of “100 greatest songs of all times” of Q magazine. Since its release, Personal Jesus has been rehashed by many, including Marilyn Manson, Sammy Hagar, Jerry Williams, Hilary Duff. Among the most popular is a cover created by one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Johnny Cash.

You Spin Me Round (like A Record), 1985

This song of the British band Dead or Alive from the second studio album Youthquake can be called a real record holder in the number of covers for it. Your version of You Spin Me Round was created by Danzel, Jessica Simpson, Thalia, and Eiffel 65. Even American rockers Dope could not resist.

Running Up That Hill, 1985

Running Up That Hill became one of the most popular songs among those that the band Placebo played. But not many know that its author is actually British Kate Bush. At one time, Running Up That Hill called it the best track. Initially, it was called A Deal with God (“Deal with God”), but the record company EMI refused to release it under that name because of possible complications of rotation.

Comfortably Numb, 1979

Pink Floyd wrote released the legendary album The Wall in 1979 and included it Comfortably Numb became one of the most popular in the band’s career. It is also called the best song by Pink Floyd because of the brilliant guitar solos of David Gilmour. Perhaps the most extravagant cover for this song was made by Scissor Sisters, the clip is also on the level.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, 1965

One of the business cards Rolling Stones four times led the group to the top of the British charts. Naturally, this hit was sung many times, but the original version of the Devo group of 1976 turned out to be really original.