Will Modern Technology Such as the Internet Ever Replace the Book or the Written Word as the Main Source of Information?


In this paper, we’re going to research over the influence of the internet as an information provider in today’s world. It is a fact that information technology has grown rapidly in the past few years, and this has provided a faster access to information and news for users. Also, it has caused a controversy regarding the internet as a source of information and its impact over books or written word. Nowadays, many people consider the internet as a replacement of books.

The internet was the greatest invention of the past century. It is meant to connect people all over the world with information and news. Its rapid advancement has made the internet to be very useful and sometimes the initial choice to access information. It is expected that computer devices and the internet will replace the book in the near future, to a certain extent.
For many years, the hard-copy books have been adored as huge amount of information, but, they are being replaced by their electronic versions such as e-books (Herring. M), or relevant articles, which are not comfortable to read on screen because many readers have reported some health problems such as vision issues or eye irritation. Many people find it uncomfortable to read on screen, especially for a long time, as they believe that it may have a profound effect on their health. Another advantage of books lies in the fact that they serve as the main source of study and education globally and can be utilized to our leisure time.

On the other hand, the internet can be used to research only certain information which cannot be offered by books and sometimes the internet has information which cannot be found in the books. Its capacity of storage is another great advantage which is considered as a priority for many people. Among other benefits of using the internet, we can bring e-books everywhere we go on a small storage drive and we can access it anytime. (Greco. A)


Modern life has brought new tendencies to our lives and changing the way in which we access the information is one of them. Compared to our past, it is an important advancement of information and modern technologies have made the biggest impact.

In conclusion, the results of this study provide some fascinating insights regarding replacement of books as the main source of information. Even tough, books exist for a thousand years, it is for sure, and their use as core information will be reduced in the near future.