How to Write Argumentative Essay

Phase of Scheduling

To turn your essay into successful one, add certain elements targeted at swaying readers to witness things from the personal viewpoint. As a result, it is needed to have several minutes in reserve to prepare before jumping into a composition of an argumentative paper.

Discover an Appropriate Topic

To choose an appropriate topic for the written assignment, take into consideration a few issues in the beginning, and select those that depict two absolutely different viewpoints or completely opposite conclusions. When taking a look at the best argumentative essay topics, choose one to pay attention to.

A strong interest can be considered as essential for this or that topic, but it cannot be good basis for your arguments. Consider carefully what stance you may support with evidence and reasoning line. It can be one thing to possess a strong belief. Although when you shape your own argument, clarify why a belief is rational enough.

Since you conduct research regarding the topics, prepare a list of points, which could be applied as facts against or for this or that issue.

Pay Attention to All Sides and Take up an Attitude

When you have chosen the topic, prepare a list of points, being ready to pick up your own side. The first objective lies in presenting two sides. Needless to say, it will be necessary to recognize your side as the most advantageous one.

Collect Facts

When accomplishing your paper, it will be needed to introduce facts without introducing too many dramatic points. Work on two sides shortly and tell why one position is above all others.

Composing Phase

When you have found a strong basis to work on, you can start writing a good argumentative essay. Your paper has to cover such components as introductory paragraph and main body together with the conclusion part. The size of every mentioned part may differ according to the required length of essay.

  1. Represent the topic and declare your personal opinion.

As a rule, the first paragraph of any argumentative paper must comprise a short explanation of the topic, several supportive facts, and a thesis. When this occurs, your thesis will be positioned as your own statement on a certain controversial issue.

  1. Introduce both controversial sides.

The paper’s main body will cover the essence of your arguments. Describe these two sides of controversy in details.

When you have described the “other” side, give your personal opinion and supply facts to demonstrate why your situation may turn out to be the proper one among all other situations.

Pick up your strongest facts, giving your points in sequence. Apply of a mix of evidence types, from data to anecdotal stories. The given part of the paper could be any length, from one paragraph to one hundred pages of text. So, to start working on this part, first you should know the exact answer for the question, “What is argumentative essay?”

Try to restate your stance as the most practical one in your concluding paragraphs.

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Strategies for your Paper:

  • Avoid using emotional words and phrases. Overemotional arguments seem to look like irrational ones.
  • Find out the distinction between a logical summary and an emotional viewpoint.
  • Do not fabulate facts and do not reference to unreliable sources for facts.
  • Always cite to all sources if you want to write an argumentative essay with observance of all instructions
  • Prepare an overview
  • Keep being ready to protect your side by means of understanding the strongest arguments when it comes to the opposite side. You can be challenged by your instructor or classmate.

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